Our Service: Three Key Offerings

The majority of the jobs we accept fall into one of these three areas. But we are happy to discuss any project that involves custom architectural metals of any sort, across any industry. At Bova, we are constantly exploring ways to grow our operation, improve our efficiency, and better serve our clients. Our team is knowledgeable, accessible, and responsive, and we pride ourselves in finding real solutions to complex and challenging projects.
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Our Process Drives Performance

We seek out the work that other competitors just cannot do.  You’d be surprised, even with today’s supply chain issues, how resourceful we are at Bova.  One of the main reasons why we are so successful is our people, of course.  But it sure helps that we have a universal process that guides each and every job that comes through our shop door. 

Our Working Process



Customer First Contact / Request for Quote.



Create a detailed scope & quote for customer review and approval.


Project Award

A Purchase Order (PO) or Contract from the customer triggers the creation of an “Active” project and the transition from Estimating to Project Management.


Project Management

Once a project manager is assigned, he/she will have ownership over all future process going to completion of the project.



The engineering team will take the scope and drawings provided by the estimating and PM team to create 3D models and shop drawings for customer review and approval.



The manufacturing team will use the 3D models and approved shop drawings to create machine code and build drawings for automation and craftsman on the shop floor to fabricate the project per customer specifications.


Quality Assurance

The QA has been involved in each process of manufacturing and engineering, but this is the final check before the product is shipped to the customer or the Bova Field Team will take the product to the field for installation.


Customer Satisfaction

The Bova Team, led by the PM will follow up with the customer to assure that the specification and expectations have been met and once this has been satisfied the project will be considered complete.

Time tested and proven, this process is proprietary to Bova.  All new shop floor technicians are trained so there is uniformity in what we do and when we do it.  Our talented team works hard to support every step in this process.  This is one of our key competitive advantages, and the reason why our clients continue to count on us project after project.

Bova Corp Application on iPad

Investing in Technology

We recognized years ago how important technology and automation can be in our industry.  Bova is currently rolling out a propriety estimating tool to help in the quoting process.  As we integrate the tool into our operation, our goal is to save time, increase accuracy, and provide seamless tracking.  Technology will continue to be at the core of our operation into the future. 

Our estimating tool can be accessed remotely on a mobile device, 24/7.  It ensures that every approved project is fully vetted before materials are ordered.  It also guarantees that our billing and accounting processes are operating at optimum levels. 

Why is this important?

It provides our clients with peace of mind, so you can concentrate on running your business.  We expect that our estimating solution will lead to other key software solutions, including scheduling and quality control.  These tools all  contribute to our overall efficiency and our ability to keep our costs under control.

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Clients We Have Worked With

Bova fosters relationships with clients in the region as well as nationally, including:

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